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Snazzay-cious Snags

Snazzay thingy-dos for you to download

Risen Magazine Interview

  • Fantastic article that can be purchased from Or downloaded here! To download, simply right click your mouse, "save target as". NOTE: its a very large Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Monday Comes Around

  • A song removed from The Beautiful Letdown last minute, condemned to B-sides, Limited Editions and Dual Discs UNTIL NOW.
  • In VERY good quality thanks to Rebeccah from Dared2Move

ThIs Is Your Life Acoustic

  • Ripped from a video recording of Jon playing this song acoustic at a radio station, this incredible version has been perfected, having been re-engineered by my talented friend Nick Suda, whose skills in electronic music engineering have taken this piece from its original state to nothing short of stellar.

Old Borego

  • Originally released last Christmas on "Kevin and Bean: Christmastime in the 909" (CD), this Christmas-themed track was rereleased on Walmart-distributed copies of Nothing Is Sound. This particular track is available for download on, and appears courtesy of Shrimp, who made it available on his site soon after the release of "Kevin and Bean" Thanks Shrimp! Enjoy everyone!
   Please (at least) let me know if you choose to download any of these items, as some of them are things that are not really meant to be shared-except amongst friends, of course. haha. Thanks.

Email address:

How to download:
Some are uploaded on to the tripod server, for those just right click, "Save Target As", pick a spot in your computer to put it, and BAM! start downloading.
Old Borego and Respect are uploaded onto, for those just click those, follow the pop-up link and follow the instructions there...
Even the LEAST computer savvy individual should be able to access these, so if you have any trouble...or just minor questions/problems, need girl advice, etc. Contact me using the form above, and I'll help you ASAP. Promise. hehehe!

More Snazzay-cious Snags!


  • Details on this baby are a little was a cover done by the boys of Switchfoot I'm guessing circa 2003 of Crew's (not sure if that's right) quite popular song, "Respect" - yes the, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" one. haha!