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Concert Reviews
Experiences of the Switchfoot Persuasion...
Concert-goer: Princess Leia
Date: July 2nd 2005
Venue: Jillians in Louisville, KY
   Ok. I have been planning for months in advance to go to the Switchfoot concert that was going to be at Louisville at the club Jillians. Well Thursday My favorite Radio Station was doing this contest were you could win tickest to the show (I had some aldready), and you could meet switchfoot before the show. I had been trying all week to win, but I didn't. But Thursday you could win by calling in when you heard one of the switchfoot songs. I did, I won, and I could die happy now. I was so excited when I went, I took my best friend Heather, it was great. I saw Drew while me and my friend were waiting to go downstairs to meet Switchfoot. I said "Its Drew!" I managed to get a grip and chill. Drew smiled and came over and said "Hi" to me and Heather and my Dad. He shook my hand it was great. Then later on when I met the rest of the band I about died. It was only for a couple of minutes, but it was the best couple of minutes of my life. Tim and Jon like my Beatles shirt, I about blinded Chad with my camera flash, Drew was cool, and Romey posed for a picture. Then During the show it was so cool, Heather and I were right up at the stage. The concert was great. They played not one, but two encores! Stars is such and awsome song. The only downside is I think I slightly annoyed Tim with my spinning light orb thing. I stopped when I noticed that. I feal so bad about that. The concert rocked and I am sorry for taking up so much space, I am just so siked ( I have never felt such an andrenaline rush before). Okay, I'm done taking up way to much space.
P.S. Jon has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen!
Concert-goer: Chelsea (1)
Date: April 2nd 2005
Venue: Winter Haven, FL 
   At my Switchfoot concert (4/2 Winter Haven), I made a SF Karaoke poster. It was near the end of the concert and they hadn't played any of my songs (Don't Be There, Old Borego, or You Already Take Me There). They were finishing up the encore song and I wanted them to notice my poster so bad (I think Jon did though, I could see him reading it in the middle of the song)!! So I took my poster and ran up to the front and stupidly enough, I was holding the poster over my face lol, and when I came back (they didn't play the songs), Cecily's mom told me that Jon had been blowing kisses at me! I dunno if that's actually true, but she swears she saw it!! Haha. So then me and Cece went to go get the last two SF shirts left lol, and we hear screaming at the stage. So I ran back to the stage with Cecily right behind me and Jon was gonna shake hands! So I pushed myself to the front the the crowd and I got to shake Jon and Tim's hands. It ROCKED.




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